Titanic: Blood and Steel  
The Blood, Sweat & Tears of Building the Titanic...  



Titanic: Blood and Steel 

Titanic: Blood & Steel is the new TV series in 12 parts, recently completed. It is based on the construction of the Olympic Class liner "Titanic" in the Harland & Wolff Shipyard in Belfast (see below for some interesting footage of the shipyard). Most of the filming for this TV series took place south of the border in Dublin. In January 2012, the De Angelis Group announced that it had reached a worldwide television distribution agreement, for Titanic Blood and Steel, with Tandem Communications and gradually, awareness and appreciation of this fascinating story is spreading.

Titanic Blood and Steel (on DVD and Blu Ray)

This short clip gives an insight into the Titanic Blood and Steel miniseries from two cast members (Chris Noth and Neve Campbell), who play JP Morgan and Joanna Yaeger (a journalist covering the building of the Titanic), respectively. Both of the actors show their understanding of the historical context surrounding the building of Titanic and of the men and women, pivotal in the construction of this mighty ship.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment will be releasing the widely acclaimed 12-part television mini-series on DVD and Blu-Ray, from 4th December 2012. To make sure that you get your own copy (or as a Christmas present for a loved one), you can pre-order your own copy of Titanic: Blood & Steel [on Blu-ray] or if you prefer, pre-order the DVD version of Titanic: Blood & Steel - it's already in great demand!

Titanic Blood and Steel - On CBC now...

The 12 part series Titanic Blood and Steel has been very popular, having ben screened on Wednesdays on CBC.

The increasing popularity of the series will no doubt have been helped by the series picking up the award for "Outstanding European Producer" at the Monte Carlo TV Festival earlier in the year. De Angelis Productions and Executive Producers Guido De Angelis, Nicola de Angelis and Ciaran Donnely, won the prize in the drama category. 

Watch The New 'Titanic Blood and Steel' trailer (below)...

Titanic: Blood and Steel is proving to be an outstanding success, coinciding with the year of 100th anniversary of the maiden voyage and sinking of the Titanic (April 15th 1912). It also provides an insight into cultural issues, including; the class system, workers hardship and general levels of deprivation in Belfast at the time.

At the 2012 MipTV event in Cannes, the 12 episodes (each 60 minutes) of Titanic Blood and Steel was a popular offering - being bought by several broadcasters in both Asia and Europe. In Asia, A + E Networks have purchased, while in Europe, Titanic Blood and Steel will be aired in; Denmark, Iceland, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Belgium. In America, Lionsgate have bought the rights to screen the series.

Titanic Blood and Steel was screened, for preview, by the members of the Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA) on Tuesday April 10th 2012. The event was then followed by a Question & Answer session with Ciaran Donnelly (Director) and Paul Myler (Producer).


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