Titanic: Blood and Steel  
The Blood, Sweat & Tears of Building the Titanic...  



Building Titanic

For an interesting then and now comparison of the Harland & Wolff Dock (Belfast), where Titanic was built, take a look at the video clip (below)...



For those seeking further background to the fascinating story of Titanic Blood and Steel, then the history channel provides one of the best on-line resources (see video below)...

Titanic Blood and Steel is based on the drama surrounding the building of the Titanic by Harland and Wolff in Belfast. When launched on 13th May 1911, Titanic was the largest man made (moving) object to have been built - clearly a triumph of marine engineering.

Titanic before fit-out

Witnessed by over 100,000 people, Titanic was launched into the River Lagan. The launch itself was a carefully planned exercise and it was testament to all involved that it went so smoothly.

The new Titanic Visitors Centre  (open from 31st March 2012) is located on part of the Harland & Wolff site and will be attracting tourists to the birthplace of Titanic in this centenary year of the maiden voyage/sinking.


Titanic Rudder before launch

The immense scale of the Titanic propulsion system can be seen in this photograph (above), of shipbuilders standing in the dry dock, next to the rudder and port screw (propellor) of the Titanic. The Titanic had three screws, one on each side of the rudder and one located centrally, with the stern of the liner designed to acomodate this (see below).

Titanic Rudder - Dry Dock

The massive steel rudder of the Titanic dwarfs the shipyard worker in this photograph. Note also the steam traction engine on the dockside in the top right of the picture.



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