Titanic: Blood and Steel  
The Blood, Sweat & Tears of Building the Titanic...  



Production of Titanic: Blood & Steel (TV Series)

The Making of "Titanic Blood and Steel"

This 8 minute video clip covers the making of the mini TV series "Titanic Blood and Steel", with behind the scenes views and interviews with the key production staff and actors - well worth watching!


Titanic Blood and Steel - TV Series Trailer...


Titanic Blood & Steel was produced by the De Angelis Group, headed by Andrea Zoso (the Group's managing director). The executive producer of Titanic Blood and Steel is Guido De Angelis (president of the De Angelis Group) and the Director is CiarĂ¡n Donnelly.

As with many modern film productions and TV series these days, Titanic Blood and Steel is being co-produced with; RAI (Italy), Artists Studio (UK), Tandem Communications (Germany), Epos Films (Ireland), Antena 3 (Spain), 3 Arts (USA) and CBC (Canada).


Details of the cast for the series are HERE. 

Titanic: Blood and Steel - Post Production

'Post Production' for Titanic Blood and Steel was masterminded at Windmill Lane (Ireland), where the construction sequences were  skilfully created using 3D modelling, animation and compositing using over 25 computer workstations. The excellent visual effects were supervised by Julian Parry (see below). Viewed via the Blu-ray option, Titanic Blood and Steel sucks you into the drama of the Harland & Wolffe shipyard in Belfast.

Interviewed in IFTN (Irish Film & Televison Network), VFX Artist Ciaran Crowley responding to a question about the different approach necessary for special effects surrounding a drama series said "...in ‘Titanic: Blood and Steel’ you have the ship in all its different build processes. You’ve got the gantries and you’ve got a lot of wide matte paintings showing Belfast. There are a couple of those, along with a couple of Belfast street scenes. So there’s a smaller amount of assets to build and texture even though there might be a lot of visual effects in the show. With ‘Titanic: Blood and Steel’ we were kind of extending Ciaran’s vision. We actually built a sort of virtual shipyard and we were able to blow that wide open for him." (read the full interview here).




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