Titanic: Blood and Steel  
The Blood, Sweat & Tears of Building the Titanic...  



The Cast - Titanic Blood & Steel

With "Titanic: Blood and Steel" now being aired, the 12 part drama television series - first broadcast in 2012, has enhanced the established stars and created some new ones!

Titanic Blood and Steel looks beneath the traditional romance that many associate with the “ship of dreams” and takes a down to earth look at the design and construction of the liner from the perspective of the people who made the ship a reality. Using Belfast and its hardships of the period 1907 - 1912 as a setting, this new series depicts the story of budgetary constraints and the relentless demands, placed on workers, by Titanic owner J.P. Morgan (played in this series by Chris Noth).

Derek Jacobi


The cast also includes Sir Derek Jacobi (left), as Lord William Pirrie (Chairman of the Harland & Wolff shipyard), who faces difficult challenges balancing the needs of his shipyard and his own concerns about the Titanic project.

Kevin Zegars in Titanic Blood and Steel


Kevin Zegars plays the young English Metallurgist, Mark Muir, who discovers flaws in the ship’s infrastructure that will ultimately lead to the sinking of the Titanic. Also woven into the plot of Titanic Blood and Steel is a love story between Muir (Zegars) and Sofia Silvestri, played by Alessandra Mastronardi (see below). In the pre-computer days of the early 1900's, plans and blueprints for designers were copied by hand and Sofia plays one of these 'copyists'. The tension comes from the couples different faiths, she being catholic and Muir being Protestant. Sound familiar for Belfast?

Alessandra Mastronardi



Titanic Blood & Steel also looks at the story of Sofia Silvestri, played by Alessandra Mastronardi (left), looking to break the normal female stereotypes of the day. Sofia is a poor italian immigrant and in falling in love with Mark Muir, an intriguing story spanning both class and religious divides opens up.


Neve Campbell

Irish star, Neve Campbell (left), plays the part of Joanna Yaeger a friend of J. P. Morgan and American journalist - with other ulterior motives for covering the ship’s maiden voyage.

Other, well known, cast members of Titanic Blood & Steel include:

  • Billy Carter as Thomas Andrews 
  • Massimo Ghini as Pietro Silvestri 
  • Branwell Donaghey as Michael McCann 
  • Martin McCann as Conor McCann 
  • Liam Cunningham as union activist Jim Larkin 
  • Ophelia Lovibond as Kitty Carlton. 

Titanic: Blood and Steel was written by Mark Skeet, Matthew Faulk and Alan Whiting. Ciaran Donnelly is the series’ director, show runner and co-executive producer. Tom Conroy handled production design.


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